What is it?

We love our visitors, regular customers and RAVING FANS! What better way to say thank you for spending with us (Drum Roll) - GEEK POINTS! Redeemable for super awesome gear, discounts or the monthly mystery prize!

Here's How Simple It is the Earn Rewards

Simply sign up for MyAccount (you get $5 coupon right out of the gate). We have four great ways for you to earn points.

1. Purchases
Purchases on EcoGeekLiving.com reap 1 point for every $1 spent. When we ship your order, we deposit GEEK points into your account. Be on the lookout for double or triple point promotions.

2. Write a Product Review
Product reviews help everyone. We will award 10 points for each approved product review.

3. Make Us "Like"-able
1. Login in your Facebook account {facebook connection button}
2. Share your gear and article "Likes" with your friends

For every "Like" you earn 1 GEEK point.

Reward DescriptionDollar ValuePoints Needed to Redeem
$25.00$25 off your next order!$25.00250